MRC Program

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On October 22, 2008, the Wayne County Health Department was approved as a member of the Medical Reserve Corps (MRC).  The Medical Reserve Corps is a component of the Citizen Corps, which was created in response to the outpouring of volunteer support in the days following September 11, 2001.  Citizen Corps volunteers work to make sure their families, homes, and communities are better prepared in the event of terrorism, crime, and disasters of all kinds.

•   Medical Reserve Corps units are locally-based volunteers who can assist their communities during emergencies such as an influenza epidemic, public health emergency, disaster or an act of terrorism.

•     Local personnel resources will be stretched by an epidemic or infectious disease that requires mass vaccination or medication dispensing.

•     Pre-registering and pre-credentialing of volunteers increases the efficiency of volunteer assignments during an emergency.

•     The Medical Reserve Corps is looking for volunteers with a desire to serve their community. A well-trained and skilled volunteer corps can keep our community prepared and healthy


•    Satisfaction of providing an important preparedness function for your community.

•    Priority prophylaxis for limited and active MRC volunteers and their immediate family during a public health emergency.

•     Training opportunities.

•     Opportunities to develop skills and gain experience in new areas.


Whether you have medical skills or simply want to contribute to public health and safety, we are looking for a variety of willing volunteers.  Volunteers can be active, inactive and/or retired health professionals, students in health professions, and others with related skills.  Non-professional members are also needed to fill vital support positions.

If you would like to join our local MRC, you may pick up an application at the Wayne County Health Department or click on the ‘MRC Application’ below.

We are seeking the following volunteers:

1. Clerical Support: registrars, general administrative help.

2. Security: traffic flow, parking, etc.

3. Transportation: transport clients to and from the dispensing site.

4. Kitchen Workers: prepare food for volunteers.

5. Health Educators: distribute literature to clients.

6. Greeters: greet and direct clients through the clinic.

7. Runners: relay messages, refill supplies, etc.

8. Medical, Public, and Mental Health Professionals: doctors, physician’s assistants, nurses, pharmacists, medical technicians, counselors, social workers, psychologists, veterinarians, EMT’s, etc.


All volunteers are encouraged to complete the following MRC & POD Orientations.  These are short Power Point presentations that will give you an overview of our Medical Reserve Corps (MRC) and Point of Dispensing (POD).  Select each of the following and press the right arrow to advance to the next slide.

When you have completed the training, please click here to email us confirmation so that we may update our records to reflect the same. 


For advanced training, click on the following link: NIMS Training Course.  

Once you have completed the course, please forward to us a copy of the certificate showing your completion of the same. 

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