Family Case Management Program

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The Family Case Management Program (FCM) serves pregnant women, children and infants with high-risk medical conditions. This program helps families by providing information and help over a wide range of services from prenatal visits to immunizations.

If you are pregnant, have a child under the age of one and are part of a low income family you may be eligible for this program.

Services offered in the family case management program
  • find a doctor for your prenatal care to make sure you have a healthy baby
  • find a doctor for your children’s care
  • understand proper nutrition for you and your child
  • understand the stages of your child’s development
  • get information on how to become a better parent
  • understand the importance of prenatal care
  • learn the signs and symptoms of labor
  • understand the importance of regularly scheduled well child visits
  • understand the importance of immunizations

This program allows participants access to many other resources such a family planning, health education services, insurance and medicaid help and others.

Needing a medical card?

If your pregnant and needing a medical card, click on the links below to see if you qualify. Please call your local DHS office if you are needing additional assistance.

Contact us:

Susan Bullard, R.N., C.H.P., C.L.C.

Family Case Management Coordinator