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Wayne County Family Enrichment Program

What is the Wayne County Family Enrichment Program?

Wayne County Family Enrichment Program is a free, home visiting program through Wayne County Health Department. We work with expecting families and those that have children aged 0-3 years in Wayne County. We provide developmental screenings and activities, parenting enrichment and support, and much more.

What Do Visits Look Like?

Activities– Your Family Enrichment Home Visitor will always bring a developmentally appropriate activity for you and your child to do together. We will help you understand what areas of development your child is working on and bring activities that will encourage that development.

Development– Unsure of what your child will do next? Have questions about sleeping or brain development? We’ll bring information on important topics that will help you understand your child’s development better.

Family Well-Being– As your family is doing as a whole is important to us. Families are systems- when one part changes, it affects the whole system. We’ll check in to see how things are going for your family every visit. If you need extra support or services, we’ll help you find them.


How much does the Family Enrichment program cost?
The family enrichment program is 100% free to our families. We are funded by a prevention initiative grant by the Illinois State Board of Education which allows us to provide services, events, outings, book and materials free of charge for our families. Our program does have qualifying criteria ,but don’t worry! Your home visitor will explain these criteria over the phone or during your enrollment visit. If your family does not qualify for the Family Enrichment Program, we’ll do our best to help you find what you need.

What’s the catch?
There is no catch! All we ask is that you participate in visits, remain open to learning new things, and come to some fun, free Family Enrichment events.

Do we have to meet in my home?
Children are most receptive in the comfort of their own home. That said, if you are uncomfortable with a home visitor coming to your home, visits can be done in a public place like the library, a park, or your yard.

How often do you come?
Visits occur twice a month on your schedule. Our program requirement and goals requires us to see our families 24 times in a 12 month period or twice per month.

What if my child is in foster care?
If you are a biological parent, we can do visits with your and your child during your scheduled visitation time, whether this is at an office, in the community or in your home. If you are a foster parent, home visits can be scheduled with you and your foster child in your home.

Can my older children participate?
The Family Enrichment program is designed for expecting families and families with children ages 0-3 years. However, we have many families with older children at home who want to be involved with what little brother or sister are doing! We happily include them in any way that we can and often bring learning materials for big brother or sister to enjoy while our home visitor work with you and your baby.

Do you provide therapy?
Home visitors with the Family Enrichment Program do not provide therapy. However, if you or your family needs a service like therapy, we will help you find.

What type of degree do the home visitors have?
Our home visitors come from a variety of backgrounds, some of which include- child development, education and child care.

If I can’t make the visit, can another family member attend the visit in my place?
The Family Enrichment Program typically works with the primary caregiver(s). If you are unable to attend a visit, our home visitors are very flexible and can reschedule at another time.

What happens when my child turns 3?
As your child approaches their 3rd birthday, your home visitor will partner with you to create a transition plan. We highly encourage preschool attendance and can help you transition your child from our program to preschool! If you decide another option is better for your child, we will provide support for that, too!

How do I sign up?
You can sign up for the Family Enrichment Program by calling 618-842-4043 and asking for the Family Enrichment Program or you can sign up on our website here.

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Meet Our Parent EDucators

Misty Snyder– “I have worked for the Wayne County Family Enrichment Program since 2020 as a Parent Educator. Before coming to the Wayne County Health Department, I had served families of the community through the local church, school, and day care setting for 23 years. The thing I enjoy most about being a parent educator is watching families set goals and achieve them.”

Meredith Richards– “I’ve worked for Wayne County Family Enrichment Programs as a Parent Educator since 2021. My favorite thing about my job is watching parents bond with their children and become more confident in themselves. Something fun about me is that I graduated from the University of Illinois with a degree in Community Health and continue to be an Illini fan!”

Hannah Hyder– “I have worked for the Wayne County Family Enrichment Program as a Parent Educator since 2014 and became the program supervisor in 2021. Previously coming to the program I worked at Kiddie Kollege child care center. As a Parent Educator I always enjoyed watching the relationship between parent and child strengthen through activities and fun interactions. I love hearing about milestones and family updates throughout the week. Now as the program supervisor I love advocating for my parent educators to help serve families better. I also enjoy planning our group events for our families in the program.”

Erica Burris– “I’ve been a Parent Educator for the Wayne County Family Enrichment Program since 2015.  Before coming to Wayne County Family Enrichment Program, I worked at Kiddie Kollege for 5 years.  My favorite part of my job is building relationships with families and watching each child grow and develop to their full potential.  My hobbies include spending time with my family and watching sports.”

Contact us:

Hannah Hyder

Family Enrichment PAT Supervisor/ Parent Educator


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