Wayne County Health Department

About WCHD

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The Wayne County Health Department, in Fairfield Illinois, is dedicated to working with individuals, other health care providers, community agencies and organizations, and the community at large–to monitor, guard, improve and protect health and safety in our community.


  • Plan for Prevention Health Needs of Community: collect and assess community health data, develop policies and programs based on community need, and work with other providers to assure community health needs are being met.
  • Monitor and Respond to Disease Outbreaks: collect information on all communicable disease cases and who their contacts are, to limit and prevent the spread of disease.
  • Plan for and respond to a disaster or bio-terrorism event in our community: work with other agencies and health care and emergency response professionals to plan for a unified response to disaster.
  • Protect the Environment: inspect and license all food services, private sewage systems and private water sources.
  • Provide Clinical Preventive Services: immunizations and screenings are provided with a focus on individuals undeserved by the private system.
  • Provide prevention education to help individuals stay healthy.
  • Assist targeted high risk groups in seeking medical and social services.

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